We Can Help!

Registration Assistance

We can meet with you and help you with advice about the documentation and the equipment you may need, and any other questions you may have about the registration process with GDNA and DEA.

QA/QI Help

Proactively, you can contact us and schedule a visit with us. During this visit, we will review your documentation and processes in preparation for any inspection by the federal and state oversight offices.

In addition, we will conduct QA/QI reviews at random to ensure our program at Emory complies with our federal and state requirements.

How do I prepare for a QA/QI visit?

You can be ready for any inspection or our QA QI visit by:
  • Completing the Dangerous Drugs Self-Inspection and the Controlled Substances Self-Inspection annually
  • For Controlled Substances, conducting an annual inventory. You can use our form to do so. Per the regulations, you are required to complete at least complete invention every two years, but we recommend doing it annually to prevent issues with documentation or lost documents.
  • Maintaining your GDNA and/or DEA Ready Binder. Use this checklist to help you prepare your binder.
  • Complete our training! The training contains all the information you should know about the registration process. Go to this page for more information.
Templates for the required forms can be found on our Forms Page.

If you are interested in any of the above programs, please get in touch with us at oric@emory.edu to schedule a visit or call!