Research Integrity and Compliance

The mission of the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC) is to assist the Emory Community and ORA staff in promoting research compliance with Emory policies and Federal Regulations. ORIC is available for research compliance inquiries and provides training and support as needed. We collaborate with ORA offices and researchers in modifying and creating new guidance. We track changes to current regulations to support Emory's research compliance. We oversee the review of our internal ORA research compliance processes, including FDA and Controlled Substance and Dangerous Drug matters, and investigate and support the Research Integrity Officer (RIO) during research misconduct allegations.

New Version of Policy 7.8!

Policy 7.8 (Research Misconduct) has been updated, and it is available for review (version date 4/28/2023). The new policy clarifies the roles of the Deciding Official, RIO, and Deputy RIO, but the review process remains the same.

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Reporting your Research Compliance Concerns to ORIC

This form allows you to notify ORIC about a concern involving a research study at Emory. The concerns could include harassment or discrimination (not limited to sexual harassment and racial discrimination) that contributes to an unsafe or hostile work environment affecting a research study at Emory University or under Emory's oversight. If you are concerned about sharing your identity, you could also report this matter via the Emory Trust line, as this form will capture your email.

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Authorship Infographic

Review this infographic to learn who to include in a publication and the responsibilities of being an author.

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