External Investigator/Visitor Form

A visiting scholar, international scholar, or external investigator is not an employee of Emory University and its affiliates. Visiting scholars come to Emory University temporarily to collaborate on research and scholarly topics of mutual interest or to work on specific research to be conducted within university facilities. The hosting of visiting scholars is encouraged when consistent with the mission and desired outcomes of Emory University and when the College/Departmental units can provide adequate space and resources to the visiting scholars.

External Investigator/Visiting Scholar COI Form

The External Investigator/Visiting Scholar COI Form must be completed by the Investigator when Emory is the primary awardee of a PHS-funded grant. Emory is responsible for monitoring and, if a financial conflict of interest is found, reporting the significant financial interests of ALL Investigators named on the grant, including sub-recipients, external consultants/collaborators who are listed as Senior or Key Personnel, etc.

The External Investigator Report of Financial Interests in Research must be provided for External Investigators who meet the following criteria:

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