Online Submission Platform

The online submission platform, eDisclose is a university-wide electronic method to submit, track, and review disclosures of outside interests and/or financial and fiduciary Interests. The system provides a platform for the review of disclosures, annual disclosures, updated disclosures, and Pre-Approval requests (PAR).

A University employee must follow institutional policy  before signing a consulting, advising, or other agreement and before initiating the consulting, advising, or other outside activity.  The online submission platform enables Department Heads, Deans, and Conflict of Interest (COI) liaisons, to meet their review responsibilities for employee disclosures. Be sure to discuss your proposed outside activity with your department chair or equivalent supervisor and address any conflict of commitment or other concerns. This process also ensures the department agrees with your plans and compliance with Federal law: 42 CFR Part 50, Subpart F

Each Investigator responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research at or under the auspices of the university must disclose all their significant financial interest (SFI), and those of the Investigator’s spouse and dependent children, that reasonably appear to be related to the Investigator’s Institutional Responsibilities. For additional information, visit: the Frequently Asked Questions page.

All Investigators Applying for Research Funding or Conducting Research Must Disclose SFIs:

  • During Initial onboarding to Emory University
  • Before funding application: Each investigator who is planning to participate in research must no later than the time of application or submission of a formal proposal, if applicable.
  • When executing a contract with an entity where no application or proposal is required: Each Investigator planning to participate in research must disclose SFIs via the disclosure profile before expending any funds.
  • Upon discovery or acquisition of a new SFI: Each investigator must submit a disclosure within thirty (30) days of discovering or acquiring (e.g., through purchase, marriage, or inheritance) all new SFIs; and
  • Each investigator who is participating in research must submit an updated disclosure of SFIs annually during the annual certification period (December-February).  The updated disclosure will include any new or updated SFIs. For important guidance about the online submission process, click on the panels below.


  • External Professional Activities: Before you participate in external professional), you must submit a pre-approval request (PAR). PLEASE SUBMIT the PAR as far in advance of the activity as possible so that your department and school have time to review the activity.See the tab Outside Activity/Pre-Approval Request (PAR) for more information

  • Foreign Affiliation/International Travel: any remuneration (honoraria, travel and accommodation reimbursement, honoraria, stipends, fees, etc.) from a foreign entity (government or institution) must be reported before the activity via the pre-approval request form. Due to increased scrutiny regarding international affiliations and collaborations, we are asking all federally funded investigators to report as an External Activity, any appointments at non-US academic or research institutions, as required by Faculty Handbook, Section 13.3.A., Policy Regarding Teaching, Research, and Other Service Outside the Faculty Member’s School at Emory or Other Institutions.  Faculty must report whether they are receiving research or other funding through external organizations in addition to any stipends, salary, living expenses, travel, or honoraria.

Proper Disclosure is important because it:

  •  Protects research integrity
  •  Protects taxpayer money
  •  Protects researcher and institutional reputations
  •  Protects population safety

Access the online submission platform, eDisclose via

  • Enter your Net ID
  • Enter your Net ID password
  • Click on the Sign In button to log in

Please note, that if you have not previously logged into eDisclose, you will receive an “Authentication Error” message from the system. To access the system, you will need to submit an account request via this link.

For additional information, please visit- Tools for Covered Individuals  

The University Conflict of Interest and Commitment (COI/COC) Office, your department head, Dean or COI liaison, and the Research Conflict of Interest Committee (RCOIC) rely on the information you provide in the online submission platform to complete Conflict of Interest (COI) and Conflict of Commitment (COC) reviews of your disclosed outside activities. 

When you disclose an activity that is a significant financial interest (SFI) and participates in university research related to the entity, the COI/COC Office will review your activity to determine if there is a potential COI. The COI/COC Office will work with your supervisor or the RCOIC to make this determination and, if necessary, develop a conflict management plan (CMP).


For additional information visit Tools for Covered Individuals