Minors Program

Minors Participating in Research Activities at Emory University

Emory University commits to promoting science and research education programs for Minors and to encourage mentor/mentee relationships between Emory researchers and young people interested in developing their scientific interests and research skills. Therefore, Minors may be permitted to enter laboratories and participate in research activities at Emory laboratories, provided that certain requirements are met and certain prohibitions are not violated.   

Minors Registration Form

  • Each minor must complete the Minors Registration Form before participating in any research activities at Emory University.  
  • The form must be signed off by the PI, the student, the student’s parent and/or guardian, the student’s school official, and all required Emory offices.  

Minors Program Approval Process

  • RCRA reviews the form for completion and notifies necessary parties of any additional information needed.  
  • Once all information is received by RCRA and the from has been marked as complete, RCRA will work with the school and PI to ensure that all necessary trainings have been completed.  
  • After RCRA receives proof/certificates of completion for the required trainings for the PI and the Minor, RCRA will issue approval for the Minor to participate in the research activities. 

Contact researchcompliance@emory.edu for additional questions about the Minors Program.