September 2023

To: Emory University animal users

From: The IACUC

The following policies have been updated and we encourage all members of the research teams to review the updated policies to ensure compliance:

  • Aseptic Survival Surgery in Rodents, Birds, Fish, and Amphibians 
  • Identification and Genotyping in Rodents

The IACUC Policy 304 Tumor Burden Scoring Policy was updated on 3/15/2023: This update includes NEW recordkeeping requirements, new scoring scales, and resources for scoring tumor burden. See the Memorandum of Action sent to investigators in March 2023.

IACUC Policies and Guidelines have moved to SharePoint, visit us at our new location using your Emory ID and Password

On August 17, 2022, the IACUC voted to update the Standard Procedure fir Meloxicam in Mice. See the specific changes to this standard procedure here.

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According to the new 8th edition of the "Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals." Based on Table 3.2 on page 57 of the new "Guide", adult mice (>25 grams body weight) have a recommended minimum 15 square inches of space per animal. The average adult mouse will weigh approximately 30 grams. Using this minimum, cages currently in use will only allow 5 adult mice per cage.

Emory University’s PHS Assurance states that we will adhere to the "Guide" and PHS Policy. The IACUC must conduct at least one of its semiannual inspections incorporating the new "Guide" before December 31, 2012. The IACUC has already conducted one site inspection of all facilities and did not cite any cages with more than 5 adult mice/cage. With this implementation timeframe in mind, any mouse cages containing more than 5 adult mice found after May 1st will be reported to the IACUC.

Any cages found with more than 5 adult mice found on the next semiannual site inspection will be documented as a deficiency and reported to our Institutional Official in the semiannual report as required by the Animal Welfare Act.

Following the new revised "Guide" is federally mandated by our regulatory bodies and expected by our accreditation agency. Please note that the IACUC has revised its policy to comply with the new "Guide". Please see Mouse Overcrowded Cage Policy (PDF).