Request Information

Federal regulations require that institutions make information related to identified financial conflicts of interest publicly accessible. Information will be available for up to three years from the date the Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) information was last updated. Upon written request, Emory will provide written information regarding determinations of financial conflicts of interest made after August 24, 2012. Please be aware that under no circumstances will Emory respond to inquiries sent via email or telephone.

Written Requests Must Contain the Following:

  • The name of a specific PHS Investigator about whom information is requested;
  • The project number of the study about which information is requested;
  • A named recipient to receive Emory's written response;
  • A return address, including a physical street address (P.O. Boxes not acceptable);
  • And should be mailed to:
    Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Office
    Emory Mailstop: 1599 -001-1BU
    1599 Clifton Road
    Atlanta, GA 30322

If you need help finding the information necessary to complete your written request, please check the NIH e-Reporter.

Emory will send its response within five business days of its receipt of the written request. The written response will be sent of a return receipt request. Please be aware that the information provided will be current as of the date of Emory's written response. It is subject to updates at least annually and within 60 days of Emory's identification of a new financial conflict of interest. Please note that this updated information must be requested under separate cover by the requestor.

Emory Will Provide the Following Information to the Requestor:

  • Project Number;
  • Name of the Investigator with a financial conflict of interest;
  • Investigator's title and role with respect to the research project;
  • Name of the entity in which the Investigator has financial interest;
  • Nature of the financial interest (e.g. equity, consulting fees, travel reimbursement, honorarium); and
  • Value of the financial interest (in ranges), or a statement that the interest is one whose value cannot be readily determined through reference to public prices or other reasonable measures of fair market value.