Researcher Tools

This page includes documents created by the IACUC to provide guidance and clarification on frequently asked questions related to Animal Care and Use at Emory University.

For SOM DAR Users: Template for using flowmeters during CO2 Euthanasia This is a tool to generate the SOP for using Flowmeters for Mouse and Rat CO2 Euthanasia in their lab space. [Access through SharePoint]

Example - Completed Surgical Log [Access through SharePoint]

EXAMPLE - Completion of one Team Substance Administration Procedure per Protocol [Accessible through SharePoint]

EXAMPLE - Completion of one Team Substance Administration Procedure per Experiment [Accessible through SharePoint]

Examples of Procedures Causing Pain and Distress [Access through SharePoint]

Guidelines and Recommendations for Researchers Using Animal Cancer Models [Access through SharePoint]

IACUC Protocol Submission Guidance and Key Information for New and Triennial Reviews [Access through Sharepoint]

List of IACUC-approved Standard Procedures available in eIACUC [Access through Sharepoint]

New Lab Member Checklist for EU DAR SOM

The following tools and alerts have moved to SharePoint 

Using Buprenorphine HCl and Buprenorphine ER in Mice and Rats [Accessible through SharePoint]

Using Meloxicam and Meloxicam ER in Mice and Rats [Accessible through SharePoint]

Drug Alert for Injectable substances used in animals with limited number of punctures and expiration date [Accessible through SharePoint]

Drug Alert - Bacteriostatic injectable water may have a 28-day use limit - January 2023 [Accessible through SharePoint]

Drug Alert Xylazine may have a 30-day use limit [Accessible through SharePoint]

EU DAR Education and Training Requirements Checklist

EPC Education and Training Requirements Checklist

EU DAR Job Aid for Open-Drop Isoflurane Overdose (euthanasia) in Rodents [Accessible through SharePoint]

Find additional tools in our SharePoint Site for Researcher’s Resources: eIACUC (SharePoint - Log in with your Emory ID and Password)

Tumor Monitoring Log - Non-peripheral (SharePoint Policies & Guidelines)

Tumor Monitoring Log - Peripheral (SharePoint Policies & Guidelines)