ORA Policy Approvals

Research Policy Approval Goals

  • Comprehensive and consistent review workflow for research policies 
  • Adequate communication, awareness, and training plans for policy socializing efforts 
  • Ensure that research policies reflect current procedures, objectives, and functions 

Policy Elements

All research policies shall include the following mandatory elements:
  • A statement of the policy
  • Who has authority to approve and make changes to the policy
  • To whom or to what the policy applies
  • Effective date
  • Who has administrative responsibility for the policy
Research policies may include the following additional provisions, as appropriate:
  • Reference to other relevant policies and procedures  
  • Definitions of terms  
  • Enforcement mechanism and appeal process, where necessary  
  • Exceptions and exemptions  
  • Examples to illustrate policy  
  • Policies must be written in simple and concise language that can be understood by non-subject matter experts. Technical terms must be clearly defined. Policy branding should be consistent and in line with Emory’s brand standards.     
  • The Vice President for Research Administration (VPRA) is the sponsor/Responsible Official for all research policies. Where a research policy affects other non-research areas of university business, the policy may be co-sponsored with other university officials. 

Policy Communication, Awareness, and Training

Upon final approval, the policy will be disseminated according to the Communication, Awareness, and Training plan including the following:  

  • Policy presentations  
  • ORA audience: CBO, Ask RCRA, BSMT Meeting, Coffee Convos etc.  
  • School audience: Council of Chairs (COC), Research Leadership Trainings (RLT), Department Administrator meetings 

Policy Review

Policy will be reviewed at least every 3 to 5 years or as needed depending on regulatory changes.  Substantive revisions to the policy follow same process as above. Non-substantive revisions can be made with the approval of the policy sponsor. If you are creating a new policy, please make sure to use this policy template.

Research Senior Leadership Compliance Team (ReSeLeCT) Committee

The ReSeLeCT Committee is comprised of senior leadership in ORA and Emory’s research, university and healthcare compliance teams. This committee is responsible for reviewing research policies at Emory. Other collaborative initiatives of the committee are illustrated below: