Division of Animal Resources (DAR)

Wet Lab

DAR is pleased to offer a monthly wet lab for rodent users. Basic Rodent Handling and Techniques will be offered to anyone needed training on mice or rats based on their approved protocol. Basics in rodent behavior, restraint, injections, blood collection and euthanasia will be covered. For or more information, visit DAR

IBS 570 "Essentials of Animal Experimentation"

The faculty of the Division of Animal Resources offers a 2-credit graduate course, IBS 570 "Essentials of Animal Experimentation" in the spring semester of each year. This course provides fundamental information on the selection and care of animals used in biomedical research. Discussions are held on ethical considerations, institutional and federal regulations affecting animal research, selection of animals for use in animal research, the biology of research animals, identification and control of variables in animal studies, principles and techniques of surgery, safety considerations, anesthesia and euthanasia procedures. Handling, restraint, substance administration and collection of specimens are demonstrated and practiced through laboratory sessions.

Biology and medicine of rodents, non-human primates, and many other laboratory animals

The DAR faculty also periodically offers courses on the biology and medicine of laboratory animals. Courses offered previously covered the biology and medicine of rodents, non-human primates, and many other laboratory animals. Courses include a discussion of the relationship of animal's characteristics and its use in biomedical research. Clinical manifestations and pathologic characteristics of induced and naturally occurring infectious and metabolic/degenerative diseases are covered. Courses also emphasize animal house surveillance, preventive medicine, diagnostic and control methods and the effects of diseases and environmental variables on experimental results. Animal care and maintenance of, including caging, housing sanitation and nutrition are also covered. Contact the DAR office (7-7423) to obtain additional information on the course offerings.

Special Training

Sessions can be arranged for research methods (with animals) not covered in the web modules, and for additional training in methods which are presented in the web modules. Contact the SOM DAR office (7-7423) or the Animal Resource office of the Emory Primate Center (7-7740) to arrange for additional training.