Emory COI/COC Requirements


A pre-approval request (PAR) is required to be completed prior to participating in external professional activities. These activities include:

  • Paid or unpaid activity conducted on behalf of another institution based upon professional expertise/knowledge. ​Examples include:
    • Consulting for a company​
    • Serving as an expert witness for a legal matter​
    • Serving on the Board of Directors for a profit or non-profit organization​
    • Founding a new start-up company​
    • Holding an adjunct faculty appointment​
    • Holding outside employment

Significant Financial Interests requiring disclosure are interests held individually by the investigator, their spouse or same-sex domestic partner, and dependent children must be added together and the aggregate value used to determine limits set forth below:

  • Remuneration or honoraria received from entities if valued at more than $5,000 
  • IP licensing fees and/or royalties 
  • ownership interests (i.e., stock/options, dividends, equity) that are valued at more than $5,000 
  • any ownership interests (i.e., stock/options, dividends, equity) in privately held entities(e., start-up companies, LLC’s) 
  • holding any management position (e.g., director, officer, trustee, management employee) in a non-Emory entity

 The following items are NOT considered to be a Significant Financial Interest:  

  • Salary or other payments for services from Emory University 
  • Gifts to Emory University provided the Investigator does not have signing authority for the Emory account. 
  • Income from non-promotional educational seminars, lectures, or teaching engagements sponsored and paid for by governmental entities 
  • Income from service on advisory committees or review panels established by and paid for by governmental entities.
  • Travel that is reimbursed or sponsored by the following: 
    • US Federal, state, or local government agency, 
    • A US Institution of higher education, 
    • US academic teaching hospital, US medical center, or 
    • a Research institute that is affiliated with a US Institution of higher education.


Due to increased scrutiny regarding international affiliations and collaborations, we are asking all federally funded investigators to report as an External Activity, any appointments at non-US academic or research institutions, as required by Faculty Handbook, Section 13.3.A., Policy Regarding Teaching, Research, and Other Service Outside the Faculty Member’s School at Emory or Other Institutions.  Faculty must report whether they are receiving research or other funding through external organizations in addition to any stipends, salary, living expenses, travel or honoraria.

As a reminder, any remuneration (honoraria, travel and accommodation reimbursement, honoraria, stipends, fees, etc.) from a foreign entity (government or institution) must be reported.


External Professional Activities: Before you participate in external professional activities (detailed in the “What do I need to disclose” section above), you must submit a pre-approval request (PAR). PLEASE SUBMIT the PAR as far in advance of the activity as possible so that your department and school have time to review the activity. 

Foreign Professional Activities/International Travel: any remuneration (honoraria, travel and accommodation reimbursement, honoraria, stipends, fees, etc.) from a foreign entity (government or institution) must be reported prior to the activity via the pre-approval request form. 

Significant Financial Interests (SFIs): When you acquire a new SFI (details in the “What do I need to disclose” section below), you must disclose it in your Disclosure Profile within thirty (30) days of learning of/or acquiring the financial interest. 


You can access both the disclosure profile and the pre-approval request by logging into eDisclose via this link with your Emory netID and password: https://ediscloseemory.huronresearchsuite.com/ 

Additional resources/information regarding eDisclose can be found on the eDisclose SharePoint Informational site:  https://emory.sharepoint.com/sites/eDisclose