Policy and Registration Process


Investigators whose research falls within the scope of the Controlled Substances Policy are expected to be knowledgeable of and adhere to the requirements of applicable federal and state laws/regulations and the Emory Controlled Substances Policy. Failure to follow applicable laws/regulations or the Controlled Substances Policy can result in loss of privilege to use Controlled Substances in research at Emory; civil action or license revocation by licensing agencies; and/or criminal prosecution by law enforcement agencies.

The applicable laws/regulations and Controlled Substances Policy set forth requirements within the following broad categories: (a) registering with state and federal agencies; (b) establishing certain physical security measures; (c) establishing personnel screening measures; (d) procuring Controlled Substances; (e) disposing of Controlled Substances, and (f) record keeping.


Dangerous Drugs

Licensed practitioners are permitted to use Dangerous Drugs under their license; unlicensed researchers must obtain a permit. Find more information under our FAQs.

Controlled Substances

Licensed practitioners require a permit to use the controlled substance for research purposes if using a schedule I drug (not needed for schedules II to V). In addition, they will need a DEA registration if using controlled substances for animal or bench research or if using a Schedule I controlled substance.

Unlicensed researchers require both a Georgia Researcher Permit and a DEA Researcher Registration.

Find more information under our FAQs.